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How to Make an R&D Tax Credit Claim

At LimestoneGrey, we specialise solely in R&D tax credits – it’s all we do! Our aim is to make the R&D tax credit claim process as clear, simple and straightforward as possible, keeping you in the loop at all times.

We work alongside you every step of the way, tailoring our service to your specific needs. Our bespoke process provides a professional, well-planned and efficient claim generation route.

Make a Tax Credit Claim

Whether you’re completely new to R&D tax credits or are already claiming, LimestoneGrey can help support you with your R&D tax credit claim.

I’m New to R&D Tax Credits

Our team of specialists will help you uncover the value your hard work deserves.

I’m Already Claiming R&D Tax Credits

Great that you are already claiming R&D tax credits, but is your claim correct and fully optimised? Find out about our support services.

Why Choose LimestoneGrey to Support your R&D Tax Credit Claim?

We know some companies that claim R&D tax credits aren’t uncovering their full claim potential. Our advisors investigate and uncover all of your qualifying costs related to your research and development projects and apply the correct treatment, coupled with a robust R&D report to support your R&D tax credit claim.

At LimestoneGrey, our team of specialists manage R&D tax credit claims from a variety of sectors.