HMRC's one to many letter campaign explained

In recent weeks, HMRC has embarked on a one to many letter campaign relating to R&D tax credits, sending over 2000 letters to company directors who have previously submitted a claim. The campaign is part of HMRC’s wider fraudulent claim crackdown efforts and asks recipients to review their previous claim against a checklist, ensuring all information within the submission is complete and correct. The letter provides direction on how to amend a claim if appropriate.

This is not new to the industry, with so called ‘nudge letters’ sent in the past, encouraging companies to double check the guidance to ensure they are happy with their submission content.

Matthew Jones, managing director, LimestoneGrey, chartered R&D tax credit consultancy

Matthew Jones

Managing Director

Matthew Jones, Managing Director at LimestoneGrey, commented:

It is important not to panic if such a letter falls on your desk as it is not a compliance check into your Corporation Tax Return, but it is important that you discuss the letter contents with your R&D tax credit advisor as they will be able to guide you on next steps and answer any queries you may have.