Shining the Spotlight on R&D Tax Credits

LimestoneGrey are pleased to announce our 2018 LimeLight campaign, raising awareness of R&D tax credits and dispelling the myths surrounding them, showcasing the significant financial benefits your company could receive through making a claim.

Since its inception in 2000, R&D tax credits remain a hugely underclaimed relief across the whole of the UK and especially so in Wales, where our main offices are based.

It is widely understood that only 20% of eligible companies claim the relief, whilst the other 80% miss out on what can amount to tens and sometimes even hundreds of thousands of pounds each year! This is a lot of free money to miss out on.

The LimeLight campaign aims to increase awareness of the opportunities available and illustrate how Lime R&D can make the claim process simple and straight forward.

Over the coming weeks, we shall be sharing articles and insights which will help explain:

  • what R&D tax credits are,
  • how they work, and;
  • what they could mean for your business.

Please follow us using the links below to ensure you stay up-to-date with the latest articles.