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Already Claiming R&D Tax Credits

If you’re already claiming R&D tax credits, great news! But knowing you can claim R&D tax credits is only the first step in the process. You need to ask yourself are you making the most of it. Working with a specialist R&D tax consultancy will allow you to maximise your benefit whilst ensuring you are meeting all of HMRC’s requirements.

Why Switch to LimestoneGrey as your R&D Tax Consultant

We are confident in our ability to provide a great service and prepare robust R&D tax credit claims, but why would you switch your R&D Tax Consultant if you didn’t have to? When reviewing your current R&D tax credit advisor, some things to consider are:

Is your current provider thorough?

Is your current R&D provider assessing your projects as effectively as they should be? Are they working with you through each stage of the process? Are you happy with the outcome of your R&D tax credit claim? If the answer is no to any of these questions, it may be time to assess other suppliers.

Do they have all the qualifications?

It can be difficult to move on, we get it. But our knowledge of tax legislation, R&D tax credit claim processes and HMRC practices will ensure that we are the right choice. We are a chartered R&D tax credit consultancy which means that R&D is what we specialise in with no other distractions.

Are they confident in their service?

We do not tie companies into enforced contracts, our clients return to us because they want to, not because they have to. We like to get to know you, what makes your company tick and most importantly what activities and opportunities you could be missing in your R&D tax credit claim.

Our advisors are here to discuss how LimestoneGrey can help you with your next claim. Why not call us for a no obligation chat.

How can LimestoneGrey Help with Your R&D Tax Credit Claim?

Claim More

R&D tax credit claims are all we do at LimestoneGrey. Our primary focus is uncovering every cost attributed to your R&D activity and applying the correct treatment, ensuring your claim is fully optimised and correct. Combine this with a robust report written by an R&D tax credit specialist and you have a compliant claim.

Uplift Recently Submitted Claims

At LimestoneGrey we like to be thorough. So much so, we can review your recently submitted claims to see if there are qualifying costs that have been missed and not included. Our team’s technical knowledge allows us to spot things that others may have missed.

Make it Easier

We don’t believe in jargon or confusion. We like to keep it simple and will ensure you are guided through the process.
We know that running a business is time consuming. Our streamlined approach removes any unnecessary workload, providing you with clear and concise instruction throughout.

Providing Peace of Mind

R&D tax credits is a highly complex area of tax law. It is important that you access advice from qualified experienced tax specialists.

LimestoneGrey is a chartered R&D tax credit consultancy, we specialise in research and development tax relief. This level of understanding and knowledge allows us to create a fully optimised, robust report that can withstand HMRC scrutiny. The fact that we are regulated by ICAEW and CIOT will give you the peace of mind that we meet all the professional standards necessary to provide the best possible service.

Don’t forget, you have overall responsibility for the accuracy of your claim. Therefore, you need to have full confidence in your advisor to do the correct calculations and produce an accurate report.

Dealing with HMRC Enquiries

An enquiry is a process initiated by HMRC which allows them to look deeper into your claim, giving them more time to investigate its eligibility. This could be because of two reasons:

  • HMRC have concerns over the content of your submission
  • A claim submission has been chosen at random for a spot check

This will of course delay any potential payment.

Dealing with a HMRC enquiry can be an extremely stressful process, with risks of penalties if the enquiry is not dealt with efficiently. Unfortunately, not all suppliers will support you through a HMRC enquiry, but our experts at LimestoneGrey are here to help you through the entire process.