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Information for Accountants & Referral Partners

As an accountant or business advisors will may clients that can benefit from R&D tax credits but some may not have the resources to assist. As professional advisors, we have a duty to ensure that every client is aware of the relief and that their eligibility has been assessed to ensure that they are not missing out.

At LimestoneGrey, our team of specialist chartered tax advisors can help explore all R&D tax credit options available for your clients. We’re even able to spot qualifying research and development activities which others miss.

Why Partner with LimestoneGrey?

Partnering with LimestoneGrey for research and development tax credit claims enables you to provide a hugely positive and valuable service to your clients.

Concentrated Experience

R&D tax credits are all we do at LimstoneGrey. Our team of qualified tax professionals have successfully recovered millions of pounds for innovative companies throughout their career. By focusing solely on R&D tax credits, our team have a much deeper understanding of the legislation and HMRC practice.


No matter how small your client’s claim may be, it will be handled by a specialist tax advisor. Every advisor at LimestoneGrey is familiar with the full tax landscape, allowing them to have a more thorough understanding of how claims can interact with other areas of tax and business funding.


We understand that referring a client to a third party supplier involves a level of responsibility. LimestoneGrey is regulated by the ICAEW and CIOT, ensuring we abide by the professional code of conduct, allowing you to have peace of mind that your clients are in good hands.

How Can LimestoneGrey Help You and Your Clients?

LimestoneGrey exists to help companies make successful research and development tax credit claims. We have a unique approach to R&D tax credits, making the claim process straightforward and stress-free for both you and your clients. We offer a range of solutions to suit both of your needs, allowing you to earn commission on successful claims.

Working in partnership with LimestoneGrey allows you to provide this valuable service to your entire client base without increasing your costs or workload. LimestoneGrey will work with you to identify clients that could potentially qualify for the relief. If eligible, we will work directly with the client to prepare a robust R&D tax credit claim.

Have the flexibility to refer companies from your client base to LimestoneGrey that you think could qualify for R&D tax credits. LimestoneGrey will assess the company’s R&D activities and if eligible, will support them through the entire claim creation process, preparing a robust R&D tax credit submission.

You may already do R&D tax credit claims in house. However, there may be times when you are faced with a complicated or large R&D tax credit claim that requires expert advice. Allow LimestoneGrey’s specialist consultants to handle it for you.

Do you have technical queries or require support on a specific piece of legislation? Our advisors are on hand to provide expert advice.