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Who We Are

At LimestoneGrey, we’re here to help simplify the R&D tax credit claim process. We understand that it can be daunting, there is so much information available, it’s hard to know where to begin!

We’re not here to overwhelm you with jargon. We’re here to provide a complete R&D service that ensures your claim is fully optimised. Giving you complete peace of mind and confidence that you are in safe hands

Working with LimestoneGrey

Tax Credit Specialists

Our team at LimestoneGrey have extensive knowledge and expertise. We only hire qualified tax professionals, professionals with a passion for helping businesses grow and flourish.

Thanks to our vast experience in R&D tax credits and the wider accounting landscape, we understand the tax legislation and HMRC practices, along with how an R&D tax credit claim can impact wider areas of your business.

Professional, Personable, Experts

Our team offer a high level of support, fantastic customer service and the expertise to help with your R&D tax credit claim.

We’re a full-service agency, regulated by the ICAEW and CIOT. From introduction all the way through to claim submission, we’re here to take you through every step of the process. Think of us as your friendly go-to for your R&D tax credit claim needs.

With our vast tax experience and in-depth knowledge of how to prepare a supporting R&D tax credit report, you can be confident of a successful outcome.

R&D Community

LimestoneGrey are proud members of the R&D community, committed to raising standards in the R&D tax credit industry.

You’ll find our registered office close to the vibrant area of Cardiff Docks, tucked away in Vanguard Way. With additional locations in Manchester and London, we’re never far away for a client meeting.

At LimestoneGrey, our team can offer a high level of support, fantastic customer service and the expertise to help with your R&D tax credit claim.

Matthew Jones, R&D tax credit Manager at LimestoneGrey

Matthew Jones ACA CTA

Managing Director and Lead Accountant

“The team at LimestoneGrey are ready to help with your R&D tax credit claim. Our dedication and passion coupled with our skills and experience allow us to provide a complete R&D tax credit service, giving you total peace of mind and confidence that your claim is fully optimised.

We offer a friendly and professional approach. We listen to your needs and understand your requirements, producing a service that is tailored to your business, whatever your industry, size or structure.”

Matthew Jones, LimestoneGrey’s founder and managing director, is a dual qualified chartered accountant and chartered tax advisor with years of experience in helping companies of all sizes across all sectors recover millions of pounds for their research and development activities.

Lisa James, Marketing Manager & Business Development Manager at LimestoneGrey

Lisa James

Business and Marketing Director

“LimestoneGrey really is a client centric company. There is no one size fits all approach. We listen to customers needs and develop a working plan that suits their requirements.

The team’s knowledge of R&D tax credit law is second to none, providing a comprehensive service to ensure full compliance.”

Lisa James, LimestoneGrey’s business and marketing director, has been with the firm seen its inception, firstly working as a freelance consultant before working her way up to the leadership team. Lisa works with both clients and referral partners on a relationship basis alongside developing and implementing the firm’s business and marketing plans.

LimestoneGrey’s R&D Tax Credit Process

Our team break down the R&D tax credit claim process into 4 key steps, providing high level of support, fantastic customer service and expertise throughout.


We like to start with the basics. We take the time to get to know you, understand what makes your business tick and chat through any elements of research and development that you’ve completed in the past. We’ll chat through the processes we’ll take, define a couple of roles and decide on a timeline.

This can be a catch up over coffee or an introductory phone call, whichever works best for you, we’re happy to accommodate.

Information Gathering

We work closely with you to gather all the information and costs involved in any projects you’ve completed to pull together a strong R&D claim. We can also assist in implementing any record-keeping activities so that future information gathering is not too onerous.

R&D Report

From all of the information gathered, our team of R&D specialists will create an R&D report. This will include the calculations to quantify the value of your claim along with a technical report is used to support your R&D claim. Each element of the submission will meet HMRC’s defined requirements.


Once we’ve had sign off and everyone’s in agreement, our team will submit the final claim and project report to HMRC. We’ll liaise directly with HMRC throughout the process of the claim to ensure that you recieve your R&D tax relief benefit. We keep in touch with you every step of the way to ensure that you’re in the loop as your claim progresses.

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You’ll find our registered office close to the vibrant area of Cardiff Docks, tucked away in Vanguard Way.

For now, why not book a 30 minute virtual consultation directly into our team diary.